You Do You

Been asked a lot of questions but the one that seems to be the emotional roller coaster in the ups and downs in the creative life is family, from acceptance to making them proud, they have an overwhelming fear of it, you aint alone guys i promise you that, i go through these thorns.

Making your mother/father proud is something we all want especially in my case where my father is the inspiration being an artist himself, but being inspired by him also comes with his knowledge of heartbreak and not reaching where you want to be in the wonderful world of art, and he is right in so many ways he is always god damn right because i see it for myself, he told me most artist that reach it are out of their minds and have not one care beyond the canvas (keep in mind my father is old school traditional) and if you look back most were out their minds or lost it on the way to greatness.

Even tho my father is right, i still see my mothers smile when she sees my works, when people tell her about my works, she is proud of me and i know deep down my father feels the same, even if i dont see this very often or not at all, I will continue my journey in art, because on a serious note, it is all i know, all i have, it is as simple as saying if the canvas is my plan then plan B is to get another canvas. 

When you are an artist and you are looking for a safe “What if i dont make money” a back up plan you are in a way setting yourself up to fail, you are putting pillows in the cracks of the foundations you set, instead fill them with paint, I will drown in my craft, as i said it is all i know.

What i am trying to say, you are an artist, not an artist&co you do you, make yourself proud, deep down could be even at the core, your family is proud of you, if the you are in the unfortunate situation of your family not caring at all just know one day you will have a son or daughter that will admire you and would not need to read this to paint pretty pictures.

Stay awesome guys